High Tech Skin Care


High tech skin care uses innovative creations to promote beautifully healthy skin. There are a number of very effective devices that they are able drastically improve the appearance of your skin. These high-tech tools are now able to repair, mend, regenerate, smooth, relieve, and attain your skin seem the best it can look.

Blue Acne Light Therapy

The Clear Rayz, reVive Light Therapy, and the Caribbean Sun Red/ Blue Pro are effective acne fighting devices use red and blue light therapy to effectively treat mild to moderate acne. Acne is much more than a skin condition. In reality learns have shown that acne sufferers may develop drastically low self-esteem and even more serious medical conditions such as depression. Blue LED wavelengths kill the bacteria that make acne. Blue light therapy helps to prevent and treat acne promoting beautifully clear skin. The red light therapy helps to accelerate healing building the combination of blue and red incredibly powerful! It's a wholly non-invasive option for acne-prone skin.

Red LED Light Therapy

The DPL Therapy System, Quasar MD, reVive Light Therapy, and the Caribbean Sun CCOL are powerful FDA cleared systems that utilize amber, amber, red and/ or infrared LED suns to gently yet effectively penetrate deep within the layers of the skin intensely repairing, healing, and rejuvenating your cells. Not "theres only" red light therapy been shown to promote younger looking skin it has also been shown to help relieve rosacea symptoms.

The skin benefits of this technology were first discovered by NASA while implementing plant growth experiments in outer space. NASA discovered that the LED wavelengths increase energy within the cells which dramatically speed up the healing process and prompt over 24 positive reactions at a cellular level. Since this discovery, extensive research has been said and done indicates an astounding number of benefits to the skin, body, and mind.

Personal Microderm System

The Personal Microderm tool allows you to experience the results of microdermabrasion in your own home. Microdermabrasion learns have shown significant improvements in skin roughness, discoloration, acne scarring, photo-aged skin, and improvements in the overall appearance of the skin. This high-tech tool takes exfoliation to the extreme and vacuums up the dead skin cells and debris as well. The PMD Personal Microderm uncovers smoother skin while decreasing lines, wrinkles, and scars. It's a powerful exfoliation system that induces home microdermabrasion simple and convenient.

Microcurrent Devices

Microcurrent devices such as the Pico Toner and the Myotone use very small electrical currents to encourage collagen and elastin production, boost cellular energy, and re-educate the underlying facial muscles. As the muscles become strengthened and toned they begin to lift the skin. These devices offer a non-invasive option for lifting and toning the skin.


The Clarisonic cleansing system is highly recommended by dermatologists and spas around the world. Three learns were performed by the manufacturer depicting significant improvements in the skin. One examine found that the Clarisonic was twice as effective as manual cleansing at removing sebum from the surface of the skin. Another examine showed that after 12 weeks of use, over 80% of the subjects had improvements in their skin tint, texture, elasticity, firmness, in addition to a reduction in pore size. A third examine uncovered a 61% greater absorption of vitamin C serums after using the Clarisonic system.